Simpletons needn’t waste time with BRIGHT * GIANT. This music is the soundtrack to an as-yet unconceived documentary of every individual’s struggle between humanity and lesser desire, as seen through the disturbed eyes of one Josh Davis (formerly of the boldly-titled Josh Davis Band) and interpreted by a brotherhood of the strangest souls in the American Midwest: Will Locker (drums), Noah Mass (guitar) and Justin Goes (bass). These bastards will tease you once in awhile with something sweet and light, but – like a teenager’s wine cooler, the acoustic sounds only exist to whet your thirst for the hard stuff…

Worry not – when you do find yourself fiending for some noise, BRIGHT * GIANT will be there to pour the roar down your ear canals until you throw it up all over everyone else at the party. After you run away, calm down and start to want more, it’s up to you to procure B*G’s 2011 album Kings & Queens of Air (the title track of which is a tirade against what one might assume to be the target audience), and their self-titled EP.

As listening lends itself to further reflection and you start to look beneath the surface, you’ll see and appreciate how the production team of Brandon Darner and Micah Natera (i.e. half of The Envy Corps) somehow managed to harness every drop of sweat that these men have shed during years of intense live shows. And then, you’ll play it again, louder. And you’ll understand. This is BRIGHT * GIANT.


“The vast majority of people who read this might think Bright Giant a band of barbarians reeking havoc armed with guitars and amps, but they are in fact a rock band looking into a hard rock and rock ‘n’ roll tent, feeding on the same courses as early or mid Rolling Stones and Black Crowes and blazing their own path through the maze.”

-  Frank O. Gutch Jr, Rock & Reprise


Josh Davis: Vox & Guitar | Justin Goes: Bass | Will Locker: Drums | Noah Mass: Lead Guitar